Starting out

So this is blogging.

My name is Tom and I'm a northener - I have deduced the following from reading the various blogs on politics (such as that belonging to the ever excellent Devils Kitchen), economics (to which as a science graduate I have found an infinitely more interesting subject since reading Tim Worstall's blog) and state waste (Wat Tyler's blog being an ever excellent repository of information and intelligent thought on the matter.):

1. The further north that you live the more problems associated with the way britain is run get duly ignored by the majority of the populace - many of my neighbours will vote labour/lib dem/tory/BNP because they have always voted labour/lib dem/tory/BNP, rather than for what is right.

2. When confronted with the reality that under labour we have seen no real change in unemployment levels (the figures are just better hidden in "disability" figures and government "non-jobs".) whilst the tax burden has increased significantly most people feel guilty here; this is primarily because so many are unwitting recipients of state funding to some degree or another, ranging from total dependency (the army of single mothers I see every day wondering my small district with 3+ kids to 3+ fathers) to those that enjoy state redistribution of tax money to harder up areas of the country (I include myself in this).

These 2 points, plus the fact that blogging looks like a very cheap alternative to therapy, are what has convinced me to start my own blog. I hope my view points are read, broken down and spat into the face of an establishment that is now so swollen with corruption that it is unsustainable in nearly every interpretation of the word.

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I hope to enjoy writing it.

Merry Christmas.

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thud said...

it is therapeutic...and addictive!