Seriously are you people retarded?

It's the only reason I can think for the rationale behind this poll

‘Perhaps a combination of a pending new tiny addition to team Cameron and increased militancy from the unions has served to widen the political playing field in this latest week of polling,’ said Caterina Gerlotto of Harris Interactive. Meanwhile, one in four people said they thought Samantha Cameron’s pregnancy would give the Tories an election boost.

Seriously? It's not because of their policies on widgets or a tax on slogans but because Cambo wifey's pregnant? I just hope that's nonsense and you are all mad about the onions, organisations which with the belt-and-breeched boot of the factory owner being firmly regulated off the face of peasants are largely redundant (particularly in sectors with no real competitive stresses).

How many times must we jump into the realms of xfactor crepitude? This new "bounce" is akin to my rare occasions when I went to the local pub after the wife became pregnant only to hear "well, your junk works so your alright by me." or some variation thereof.

Seriously what's wrong with you people?


Ray said...

"Seriously what's wrong with you people?"

I suspect the people who would be influenced by this baby event WRT voting intentions don't read your blog much, and contrawise those who do read your blog probably do look at policies etc. more than fatherhood as a rationale for voting.

Just a thought!

Tomrat said...

Wait wait wait Ray let ne get this straight-

people actually read my blog?

Anonymous said...

you actually used the word retarded? channeling a 4th grader.