A Victory For Freedom?

It will become a criminal offence to clamp cars on private land, putting rogue firms out of business, under a ‘Freedoms Bill’ to be introduced in Parliament in the next few days.

So it'll now become a crime to stop people using your land to park on. YOUR land?

Now I can get behind calls for greater transparency in advertising clamping spots and fine amounts; heck I'd even support harsher penalties up to bankrupting clamping companies who flaunt these rules and go about using the drivers ignorance to obscured rules about the use of the parking area.

What I can't get behind is the top down blanket ban on self-determination and diktat on the use of your private property for exactly the same reasons that I don't support tax for taxes' sake; that the government may earn a little revenue from something seems to be an excuse I'm seeing all the more regularly and it is repugnant in the extreme.

This is sorely the wrong way to go in what should otherwise be quite a hood bit of legislation.

I hope.

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