Am I Supposed To Be Grateful?

Just did the budget calculator on Aunty Beeb- the results:

The indications are that you will be £110.82 better off.
Breakdown of Difference £
Alcohol £-24.71
Fuel £-32.09
Income tax £+400.00
National insurance £-82.58
Tax credits £-144.80
Vehicle excise duty £-5.00

So, as long as I behave as a mindless automaton, consuming a precise amount of victory gin each weekend and driving nowhere but work and to pick up ever more costly food I can be a whole £100+ up?

And I should be grateful?


Leg-iron said...

Well, £100 is five bottles of decent single malt, so once a year you can punish the evil liver until it cries for mercy.

I have a better idea. I'll grow my own baccy and brew my own booze. The money saved will be money I don't have to earn and therefore don't have to pay tax on.

Now, if I can get away with setting a few snares on that waste ground out the back...

Furor Teutonicus said...

Aye. Trouble is 99% of voters are imbicilic bastards that are only inetersted in th 2% "more" the "Government" conceed not to rob off them, that they see in their pay packet.

Then thesy go all "Ohhh what a fantstic party XYZ is!" And then go out and vote the bastards in again.....or vote the other bastards in because they are "offereing" 2,5%.