Ashcroft - Are We Missing A Pinacle Moment in History Here?

Via Guido comes this piece about the "growing backlash" in the Bory party against Lord Ashcroft and his being tax efficient (for that is what it is).

There is growing resentment in some quarters with Michael Ashcroft, the feeling is that his Lordship has unnecessarily made difficulties for the Tories by waiting till this late moment to come clean.

I won't go into the cynical electioneering of the fly-by-nite Bory-mp wannabees, that would be too easy.

Instead I want readers of this blog to suspend reality for a minute and think of what would happen if Ashcroft gave this as a press release:

I would like to thank members of the press for coming here today so that I may clarify my position on the present controversies surrounding my tax status and my role in the Conservative Party in the upcoming election and beyond.

I would like to apologise first and foremost to my conservative friends and colleagues and the party leader David Cameron about the perceived distraction in the media of Conservative Party policies; the nature of my apology though is more to do with my involvement in ensuring their are no policies to distract from.

Sadly, in their headlong quest for power they have eschewed the ones capable of giving it to them- their core voters who, unlike Labours core vote, put a little bit of thought into it, and dint like being ignored on all the major issues that are bankrupting this country in every facet imaginable, while simultaneously patronising them on the small.

I like them have come the conclusion that maybe electioneering the vote you want doesn't really work; it only pokes the sleeping giant that is the 60% of the electorate who stay at home on election day who may decide to put all the big 3 on the dole queue en masse is angered enough.

You see, that money that Labour have been shrieking about in the backbenches and in the media, and the cynical Tory strategy of cutting me out of the picture because of my tax efficiency - ultimately that is my money; the state put no effort or risk into my businesses and share none of the consequences of failure if they go belly up- why should I exist to keep them in employment to heckle the rich for being successful? Why should I pay for activities that do nothing to encourage or aid my business or grow my clientelle or workforce, and actively seek and villify me t every turn.

In truth the reality is quite simple; I have no problem in paying for services rendered- no one really minds this but it does place a duty on the service provider; I expect my police to catch criminals, not harass drivers and innocents, I expect my council to empty my bins, not heckle me on diversity an climate change, and I expect our schools to teach our children to read, write and think; not jump through hoops for a rotten, spiritually-dead collectivist agenda.

That is why I withhold that tax with my tax status; services are no longer rendered, at some point in the last 50 years the homus was placed on indiviuals to change in line with political thought, not vice versa. This is unnacceptable in a climate where man is free to get the things governments have proved themselves manifestly incapable of getting for them.

Until then, piss off and get your own money.

Now that is a speach I'd like to hear.

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