More Reasons to be Incandescent

Had to have my V+ box replaced again today after it failed, losing in the process seventy hours worth of film and tv I would probably never watch but wanted to look impressive with having.

Still the technician told my wife something interesting which again makes me all that bit more vitriolic about the EU and the madness it enjoys- apparently not only do you expose yourself to more toxic chemicals and cause severe migraines with those energy saving light bulbs but apparently they also interfere with IR radiation of the type emitted by remote controls, interfering and reducing their effectiveness, even causing complex machines in their vicinity to malfunction in rare cases; no really:

Electronic devices operated by infrared remote control can interpret the infrared light emitted by CFLs as a signal, this limits the use of CFLs near televisions, radios, remote controls, or mobile phones.

So not only is the EU intent on sucking the joy out of life, the economy and the collective free spirit of every country in it, it now deems to push a device on us that will kill us with toxins, pain us with migraines and wreck our possessions.

And all to save the planet, one watt at a time; that will provide me with little succour come the snow we are expecting in Leeds this week, on the first of April, 8 days after spring officially started.

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