Coining A New Term Today

Inspired by this piece over at Old Holborn's I am coining a new term that I believe sums up the near pathological contradictions of this man and his party.

People, I give you...sociopatholism, and as with thr cynical libertarians term fascolism I also posit a definition and accompanying adjectives an pronouns (suggestions positively welcome):

Personal: sociopatholist
Adjective: sociopatholistic
1. Hegelian ideology which attempts to merge 2 or more contradictory values together.
2. Political belief system in which practicalities are not merely obstacles to overcome but are merely non-existent; the belief that socioeconomic realities are dealt with instantly by legislation and that unintended consequences are either non-existent, unimportant (with no accompanying regard to those it affects directly) or merely a product of another mitigating factor altogether disconnected from the original.
3. Value system driven purely by pathological self-interest with accompanying disregard for others wellbeing; the self-regarding nature of this scheme means success is either fitted around the outcome or the outcome is ignored completely with an accompanying detachment from reality.

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