Whom The God Wishes To Destroy, He First Makes Drunk

Amongst the cool super-secret decoder ring, fancy key chain and awesome business cards I get for being part of LPUK I am now also in receipt of emails from the team as part of my (admittedly slacked off) job as (co)regional coordinator.

Mainly this falls to discussions on logistical an finance matters but their are various nuggets of discussion about the meat of libertarian ideals such as this one (h/t to Master Worstall)

Fearless leader has expanded on the lecture notes here at the Kitchen, pointing out that the measures uses to revitalise New Zealand's dying economy are exactly the measures opposed by the modern collectivists (I, as always, refuse to use "left" and "right"- terms which intrinsically have no value), and the reason why so much is going wrong in the west.

A lot of the comments seem to be filled with ennui; feelings are predisposed to despair and maybe, just maybe, it is this collective despair that is making us unable to really change anything; alongside the desire to go down the path of least resistance, even when it us rapidly becoming as resistancy as the harder one.

With this I want to turn to the source of New Zealand's damascene moment; the 1984 election- what happened here marked New Zealand's ascension; they aren't all filthy rich maybe but ask yourself this-have you ever met an unhappy, unpleasant or morose New Zealander*? I've known a few and have yet to meet one O could say a negative thing about.

As it is late and I am demonstrably lazy, here is the link to the wikipedia link to the history of this election; what is most striking are these background paragraphs:

The 1984 election was called when Marilyn Waring told Muldoon that she would not support his government in the vote over an opposition-sponsored anti-nuclear bill. Muldoon, visibly drunk, announced a snap election on national television. There is debate over whether the election was necessary — Waring had not threatened to block confidence and supply, meaning that the government could still have continued on even if it had lost the anti-nuclear vote. Nevertheless, Muldoon appears to have wanted an election to reinforce his mandate (just as Sidney Holland sought and won a mandate to oppose striking dock-workers with the 1951 snap election).

Muldoon's government, which had been growing increasingly unpopular in its third term, was seen as rigid, inflexible, and increasingly unresponsive to public concerns. The Labour Party had actually gained a plurality of the vote in the previous two elections, but had narrowly missed out on getting a majority of the seats. Labour's primary campaign message was one of change — Muldoon's government, which employed wage and price controls in an attempt to "guide" the economy, was widely blamed for poor economic performance. Labour also campaigned to reduce government borrowing.

The New Zealand Party, founded by property tycoon Bob Jones, was launched primarily to oppose the Muldoon government (although it did not support Labour). A right-wing liberal party, it promoted free market economic policies that contrasted sharply with the paternalist and somewhat authoritarian policies of National, the other significant right-wing party.

We have entered such a parallel in NuLabours third term, where the government has grown so inflexible and, more importantly, incapable of changing anything of value they are due for a fall of similar epoc-changing proportions. This is primarily because the state is just not theirs to command anymore; they are mere phantoms in the faulty machinery of state- collecting the biscuits belt fed out the end like the compliant cocker spaniels they are. They bleat about changing a society they don't understand and that can't be changed, only corrupted, and is a mirror to the actions of the state and it's incentives.

One thing I will say in where the parallels diverge a little is in the oppositions complete cluelessness; they look up at the side of leviathan and see no foothold to cut it down, only a reign to hold on to and be dashed to pieces at the cliff face when they get too cocky.

That said it was the actions of a third party which altered the frey and changed New Zealand's destiny; all the more important that LPUK get the logistical help they need to be that alternative.

If you read this and are not a member become one; be the change you want because you are the individual you want to be, and that is worth protecting as is everyones right to that kind of freedom. If you have money to burn donate it- if you can't stand yourself support another in your place. Best of all spread the word, point out the lies and illogical inanity of the collectivist arguement; that they speak about sacrifice for the greater good and yet don't practice it at home is testament to a greater evil they would ever accuse you of having.

Till that time watch the airwaves; God is moving to destroy them- it is not an accident nor entirely a willful act of contempt of the electorate that parliament subsidises it bars with taxpayers money; it took a useless, inflexible drunk on national television to pave the way to recovery; let's keep an eye out for the glazed eyes over here.

* = the true acid test to how undeserving, morose and miserable a race is can be determined by how often they are depicted as villains in movies- when you can characterise/satirise a nation by it's worst you know your on to a loser.

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john b said...

Not *unpleasant* by any means, but the Kiwi I know closest is a pretty morose and unhappy sort. Possibly that's the effect of five years in London though...