The Moral Hazard Applies to More Than Just Banking and Business

Just completed a YouGov poll on my way to work; the last question was about Cambo's "sexualisation" of children, saying all the Bory favourites of bashing the media....advertising... Etc

After heartily disagreeing with this theme I left the following comment at the end:

Regarding sexualisation:

The maxim that if you pay more for something you get more of it is all the more true when dealing with the actions and behaviour by our children; a big part of this "problem" (or sexualisation, which is a nebulous, catchall soundbite term and meaningless I'm Cambo's hands) is incentives; a consequence of getting pregnant as a teenager and becoming a single mother is...a council house, bills paid and a modest income. While self control and hard work will put you in line to pay for the former.

This is unsustainable; a product of the social-democratic experiment which is BEng proved to have failed every field it has touched. We ignore the moral hazard in this area whilst our politicos proselytise over a banking industry before engaging in exactly the same actions of removing consequence from action. Again, this is unsustainable.

As regular readers will know I am involved in youth work in my spare time dealing with the sort of clientelle iDave is talking about here; the problem is not oversexualisation or access to materials about sex but about the incentives the state doles out to those who adopt this lifestyle.

In truth th problem is and always has been government, and it's focus on incentivising lifestyle choices; this is as true whether your paying children to have children* as it is when you enable
homosexuals to bully churches into performing acts they are commanded not to

The solution? Remove the incentives and treat everyone the same; decades of socialist decay prove you cannot provide this opportunity - only the free run necessary to enabe people to achieve it themselves.

This is why LPUK is so important.

* = it is interesting that the article says nothing about the father responsibilities here; what have we become in our new, feminist enriched paradise when we villify women or making these decisions but completely ignore the mans abrogation of responsibility? Equality? Bullshit.

** = what you do with your genitals is your own business; all I asking is that you keep them to yourself; if you can find it the Southpark Scouts/Big Gay Al episode illustrates what I mean perfectly.

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paulo said...

All any of us can do is to keep hammering this message.

These kids are not as thick as they are illiterate.


Free accomodation,spending money, umpteen support workers,and no need to go to work, oh yes ta very much!i'll just flip a sprog out.

And if there's one thing we know - they certainly don't need more sex education; they've worked that out before reaching double figures

When we have educated the idiots in charge maybe there's a chance... but only maybe.