...how crap does Camblewick Carrot's conservatives (small c intentional) have to be to achieve this sort of polling?

Possible theories for this include:

-Its an elaborate ruse on pollsters to get that spineless Brown to call an election: course, that would mean anywhere from 50% of the public of voting age (the rough percentage of those who voted NOTA last time) are collectively in on the scam, and I doubt that many could keep the secret, even with a future fourth, a frigging fourth!, parliament awarded to Labour in the offing.

-The pollsters have been sucking on Uncle Brown's teat: to the point where they've been sticking to asking Labour heartlands who they would vote for (on second thought it could be Cambo's paying pollsters here, and Brown should be crapping himself if this many dyed in the wool red are this sick of him.)

-Their is really little difference between the big 3, and the collective wisdom of thos polled knows it<:I>: further their is very little any of the main parties can actually do to change things; with 75%+ of our laws coming from on tranzi (the EU), and Cambo married to climate change and perpetuating the rise of an undemocratic mediocracy by proxy another tranzi (the UN) what does he expect?

You can tell which way I stand; the rise of the mediocracy means the possession of conviction, heck, an opinion would suffice, is enough to have you pilloried by every special interest group, union, news baron and quango/PGO who's existence relies on our political classes continued belief that they matter against a silent majority, quite simply because that silent majority is, well, silent.

How very depressing.


The clown makes an excellent point:

DING: if you want to treat the electorate like an inconvenience interfering with your entitlement to office, if you refuse to offer an alternative to the one-eyed mong and if you keep spouting Blairite cock-spittle at us - this is what's gonna happen.

If you don't stand something, you'll fall for anything, in this case falling for second place to the most hated primeminister ever (or should that be so far?)

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