Laura sings liver

A few weeks ago it was my sisters birthday - she is such a charismatic person that she managed to annex several other peoples birthday parties, combine them, host the party at one their houses and get 2 of her friends to play at it; my brother in law, being a dj at several local pubs, was asked to provide the equipment; a microphone, an amp and some other simple music apparatus.

I set up the equipment as best as I could; to hand I had a room that was 3 by 7m in area, to fit over 50 people in, get enough space for a one-(and wo)man and set up the means by which they could put a guitar and voice through a very primitive speaker set; it was tough but the impact was impressive (to me, primarily because I was pretty tipsy by the time I finished).

The main act was a friend of my sisters from her schools days, Laura Hocking, she reminded me of a very agitated Joni Mitchell; whether your a fan of folk or not (and I admit, I am not) she is truly worth listening to.

You've never seen a group of 50 pissed students, fitted into a confined space, more silent. That is unless you've been on a bus at 7am in the morning filled with Chemistry students.