Real Life: 1, Satire: 0

Spotted at work Friday: -

Yes you too could have the distinct smell a thousand grill-jockeys have across the globe of rendered fat and ground beef products...

Sadly this is not a joke. Spotted at work on a cosmetics review paper (dont ask) talking about the counter release of "Gore", a fragrance being created by PETA that smells of rotten meat...

Oh and its spokesperson in the UK is Piers Morgan.

I'm going to lie down...


Seemed fitting...

...that I post this message I have sent to members of a facebook group I belong to to my blog so more people can get involved (if your interested in joining send me a message); the group is concerned with entreating our monarch to dissolve parliament. Read on:

Hi all,

If you have a spare few minutes please have a read of this; it is written by the leader of the Libertarian Party, Ian Parker-Joseph.

Of most interest is the following line:

"There are now 7 unelected members of the cabinet - Mandelson, Adonis, Malloch-Brown, Drayson, Scotland, Royall, Kinnock. This is very quickly becoming the executive of a Dictator."

7 members. Constitutional law states that a cabinet can only have 22 paid members - nigh on a third of the cabinets paid executive have never been subject to a popular vote, never had the scrutiny of the electorate during a surgery nor had to give answer to anyone despite being responsible for spending not only 50+ PERCENT of our salaries, but, with unfunded pension liabilities (in a nutshell, they've been taking public sector workers pension funds, spending it, and expecting the public to fund them), PFI (buying services off the private sector which enables some clever Enron-style off-balance sheet hijinks) and the financial/auto/charitable (pick any) bailouts they've been stealing from your children and grandchildren.

This cannot go on.

You have all signed this and there have been several instances in the media and calls for the Queen to dissolve parliament without the "advice" of this unelected, unmandated cretin who deems to ruin this nation, deny its sovereignty, and worse, erode personal responsibility, autonomy and liberty; giving it all over to unelected beauracrats in Europe (NOTE: for those who voted for your MEPs please note: THEY HAVE NO LAW-MAKING DECISIONS THEMSELVES! they simply vote on laws passed down by "the coleagues"; an unelected elite group who formulate laws on the basis of "expert" opinion groups and personal conviction- IT IS NOT DEMOCRATIC IN ANY SENSE OF THE WORD).

I ask that you do 2 more things:

1. Spread the word - promote this group to others via Facebook, word of mouth, carrier pigeon...any means necessary. If people are not willing to join then fair enough - get them to send a letter to the queen to show her that the silent majority would be with her in this historic decision.

2. Please join LPUK's fight to end this madness:


If you find the idea of politics boring, think of politicians as being venal, corrupt and destructive and government as not being your friend then this is the political party for you; I am not saying we will put an end to corruption or the government or those who occupy parliament, no; what I am saying is that there is a natural place for government, for parliament and for its politicians, and that place is to serve at the behest of the electorate, to make laws based on protecting the individual and to protect the efforts, the labours and the rights that you hand to government, but of late they have abused horribly.

LPUK is the only party that does not believe in forests, only trees; whilst the other parties are willing to let a few trees be cut down for the good of some imaginary forest LPUK is heartily opposed to the practice, and will fight them, oppose them and ultimately overcome; there approach to "rule" is like team figure skating; once a few object the whole troupe fail.

Join up, donate*, or better yet take part; we are a small party that needs butchers, bakers, plumbers, pie-makers who understand they are not economic units to be taxed and squeezed for the benefit of the elite.

If you want to know more send me a message.

God bless,

If you yourself are interested join here:

Join LPUK link

Better yet tell others! You are on this site because you are looking for an alternative to politics and the sham that is democracy - you dont want the current bunch to tinker around the edges of the current state machine; the machine is broken and will not work until we re-establish just what we want the machine to do and what we want ourselves to do.