Is this the only Question Time...

...that we will ever need popcorn, sweeties and wine for?

This'll be guud....

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Never A Better Time To Tell Gordo What You Think Of Him And His Ilk

Via Guido.

20 Million pounds an hour borrowed on your children and grandchildren's credit card.

Unemployment benefits now exceed income tax revenues.

The Americans have a name and system for this type of spending; it is called chapter 11 bankruptcy and allows a failed business to continue trading in order to pay back moneys they've borrowed. When the extra innings fail to work they call time on the proceedings.

It is time for us, his masters, to call time on this rogue government.

Let him know how you feel here; let him know this is not a request.


Gerald Warner is fast becoming my favourite columnist.


The damn fool wants me to hand back £826,000 to the Great Unwashed.


Have just got back from the Yorkshire Libertarians meet up, and aside from a few howlers on my part (like getting the pub name wrong), the lack of sleep due to baby teething and my near hyper state brought on by a combination of Berroca, coffee and my inability to shut up I felt it went quite well.

Got a long way to go, but it is comforting to see satire being revived in the 21st century and people beginning to openly question the feckless wastrels and thieves who rule over us.

Nice to meet new friends and see old ones to boot again. Next stop the AGM.

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Quote of the Day

"There are so many nails in Labour's coffin now, there's barely room for the corpse."

- Leg-Iron tells it like it is.


Tiny Bleurgh For God-King of Europe

So the Irish did it- and within a few short months once the Czechs, Polish and Germans have rattled on a bit about the Lisbon Treaty's constitutionality until people get bored with it and switch over to X-factor until the courts decide otherwise we will have every aspect of our lives dictated by unelected beauracrats in Brussels.

Leg-iron surmises in this post about whether this is actually that bad an idea.

Yes, yes is it is a bad idea and I'll explain why.

Leg-iron is working on the supposition that the Borys, en masse, hate NuLabour and would actively start epoch making changes to the current government; this supposition is profoundly wrong - where this the case they could have easily drawn attention to most of NuLabours rubbish whilst in opposition, rendering them a single term party.

No, Dave is merely a shadow of Bleurgh; he has chosen rightly to be as harmless an inoffensive as TB was throughout - about as strong and vibrant as a weak cup of tea, knowing full well that the majority of sheeple don't make rational thinking judgements on politics; they make irrational emotive judgements on people (a reason related to why the televised debate is also a bad idea- it is inherently meaningless as we don't pick leaders we pick
MP's who pick leaders).

Personally I hope Leg-iron is right, but considering the almost complete lack of spine exhibittes by those most outspoken of Bory's, Hannan and Carswell, to call their bosses bluff on getting to grips with the EU, I doubt it.

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But on a lighter note...

How cute is she?

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Brown "Bounce"?

Feeling incredibly ratty and achy, what with only 4 hours sleep last night as I was on Babywatch, only 2 ofthose hours were decent aswell. Still; totally worth it to see baby daughter grinning like an idiot while playing on her gym mat.

So now I reread this over at Guido's and I have to say this entire concept confuses me- what the hell are these people "bouncing" to? The fact that our feckless, deluded bum-lesion of a leader has lifted his head above the trenches only to bitch at journalists and mutter tired party lines about getting the job done when it is quite clear people wish to fire him from it?

I remember when the toad made the departure from No11 to No10, commentators on the BBC were saying things like "he should call an election now while he's "bounced" back in the poles"- why? I can barely hazard what must be going on in the heads of those idiots responsible and their comments on the polls:

"I was fairly indifferent to labour and politics in general, but when I saw that Brown was moving to the house next to his I realised then how exciting it all was; I mean, moving house eh? Awesome."

"I've been a bit uneasy these last few months and feeling insecure, what with my 200% mortgage from Northern Rock looking like quite a bad idea as I'll be paying it till I'm 90, but when I saw those removal vans at No11..." you get the point I'm sure.

Do you really want to put your faith and autonomy in the hands of people who's political opinions rest on what is a fairly politically benign event, not far removed in concept from something like "Location, location, location for ugly people"?

Don't know about you but I want life-altering decisions, decisions on healthcare, on education, on where my money goes and who it goes to and on how I run my families life, as far removed from these people as can be, and noone in the big 3 is offering anything like that.



31%. That is the voter turnout on which Tiny Blob will be lording it over us all, the colleagues and their selected patrons will continue to rip off the EU taxpayer and if you object to this in any strong kind of way, they will execute you for dissent.

Either way this isn't tyranny of the majority; this is tyranny of a minority- what's the betting it is completely ignored, the result championed if it's a yes, but torn to bits if it's a no?
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