Old Holborn's Walk

Master Holborn is going for a light constitutional. Its a good thing to stay healthy these days, what with a credit crunch looming, distracting us from the thinly veiled spectre of blogging censorship, amongst other, more outrageous things. (Ed note: If Turgid Bore knew about US squaddies torturing Iraqi's surely his erstwhile chancellor also knew? something to ponder at the next election).

Regrettably (especially having bought my ticket down to London) I am no longer able to join him on his route; that week will feature major upheavals on the employment front for me and I will have to focus on that.

I did a rough calculation based on the route OH is taking, the average UK BMI, walking speed and calories expended and have concluded he will burn a little less than 60cals for the duration of the walk - his attire may cause him to burn more though; looks a little stuffy. This is hardly likely to burn off the calories imbibed in the average UK pint (approx. 300-500 calories depending on type; drink one of these for me will you OH?). Being that may be the case I will most certainly be attending the next such episode. Until then I will exercising in my own unique way...*

Disclaimer: I am nowhere near the level of training these guys are - but give me a year...