Dropping Timber Regulations

In all the crud going on over the last month, the poverty, the feeling of inadequacy and the unbearable repetitive questioning from well meaning friends and colleague perhaps the most depressing part is the gradual increase in weight I've been undergoing since my wife became pregnant; apparently it's something prospective dad's do along with their wive's subconsciously- personally I was just enjoying the larger amount of junk food my wife ws craving.

I've got myself fit before and, with help of my brother Buffrat,who is a fitness fanatic, get myself fit again.

That was until Leeds city council had other plans- apparently despite indepth knowledge of gym equipment, having been using it for over 15 years, and having a brother who could write a PhD thesis on personal fitness development, without a five minute indictiom course on safe use of Bodyline equipment whichhas to be booked in advance I cannot use the equipment. With limited time and money I find myself not able to go again for a while.

Worry about the state of the nations safety will kill the nations health.

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