Brown "Bounce"?

Feeling incredibly ratty and achy, what with only 4 hours sleep last night as I was on Babywatch, only 2 ofthose hours were decent aswell. Still; totally worth it to see baby daughter grinning like an idiot while playing on her gym mat.

So now I reread this over at Guido's and I have to say this entire concept confuses me- what the hell are these people "bouncing" to? The fact that our feckless, deluded bum-lesion of a leader has lifted his head above the trenches only to bitch at journalists and mutter tired party lines about getting the job done when it is quite clear people wish to fire him from it?

I remember when the toad made the departure from No11 to No10, commentators on the BBC were saying things like "he should call an election now while he's "bounced" back in the poles"- why? I can barely hazard what must be going on in the heads of those idiots responsible and their comments on the polls:

"I was fairly indifferent to labour and politics in general, but when I saw that Brown was moving to the house next to his I realised then how exciting it all was; I mean, moving house eh? Awesome."

"I've been a bit uneasy these last few months and feeling insecure, what with my 200% mortgage from Northern Rock looking like quite a bad idea as I'll be paying it till I'm 90, but when I saw those removal vans at No11..." you get the point I'm sure.

Do you really want to put your faith and autonomy in the hands of people who's political opinions rest on what is a fairly politically benign event, not far removed in concept from something like "Location, location, location for ugly people"?

Don't know about you but I want life-altering decisions, decisions on healthcare, on education, on where my money goes and who it goes to and on how I run my families life, as far removed from these people as can be, and noone in the big 3 is offering anything like that.

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