JD is Angry...

...very angry indeed. With no discernable cause; I would be worried, but maybe it's simply that there are too many nowadays to discern in all the chaos.

In the West today, we all join hands and sing ring a ring a roses when we talk about the Nazis of the 1930s. We all agree, oh so easily, that they were evil and wrong and what they did was disgusting and the treatment of the Jews was awful.

This follows an interesting illustration of the anatomy of rage and anger, and reminds me of some stories Oma tells me.

Oma is my wife's grandmother, so called because she was born and raised in Germany, moving to the UK shortly after the war to become a nanny for several families.

During the war a sprightly Oma in her tweens was sent as part of the Hitler youth to work on a farm plantation whilst the war machine rattled all over Europe; she has described the entirety of this experience to us in vivid living colours, in many ways as real and remarkable as Em's grandfather's experience, who rode the tanks onto the beaches at Normandy and was even responsible for the Queens training as an engineer (sadly he passed away last year but his stories were incredible).

Anyway back to Oma; one thing is clear - in between the stories of rationing, of scarcity and of military marches, both beginning with the reichs armies outward and ending with the Allies inward, we see a clear pattern emerging of good people, good German people, being made to do very bad things, or, and in some ways this is worse, do nothing at all, by very evil people. My wife's grandma tilled fields and worked in veritable slave labour on a farm as part of her "civic" duty (best to remember this when Obama uses oxymorons like "compulsory volunteer work" or Cambo pushes for his own version of the Hitler youth; it's the tools of fascism if ever I saw them). These are the Group C lot who are instigating the hatred between 2 counter groups in society to capitalise on it.

What JD is pointing out is that good people can do bad things; it is not without reason that Jesus Christ warned that anger was as much murder as murder is.

What I think is that we are finally figuring out who Group C are and what they are doing to the rest of us; we no longer get mad at each other because we can see the true cause of the worlds problems rest with a small band of elites who thrive on out capitulation and consent- many are saying no more.

This isn't rage.

This is a righteous anger. The lens of our vitriol is slowly being focused on those who need it; we need to be careful where we direct this anger.

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