That Bible Burning Preachers Actions in Context

As Hamas completed its conquest of Gaza last Thursday, a spokesman for the group appeared on Palestinian television and announced the “end of secularism and heresy in the Gaza Strip.”

Shortly after, a group of militants stormed the Latin Church and the adjacent Rosary Sisters School in Gaza City, reportedly using rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) to blow through the doors.

After gaining entrance, the rampaging jihadists burned every Bible and destroyed every cross they could get their hands on before setting both buildings alight, according to sources who spoke to Israel Today.

This doesn't excuse Pastor Jones of his actions, but when I hear of the constant persecution of us kuffir in lands with large muslim populations, of churches built on charitable donations demolished by the state in Nigeria on spurious grounds, ex-muslim converts skinned alive along with their families in Saudi Arabia whilst our quisling government and that of the USA wring their hands at their own people burning paper.

Course who can blame them? They've been sucking at the bond-buying teat of oil-producing countries for decades to hide the fact that they've sold our children into penury so their client-voter base can be sated on borrowed money.

The rank dishonesty and hypocrisy of all involved stinks to high heaven; expect God to illustrate his displeasure. Amen.


Anarchistos said...

I fully agree with your post. It's significant to me that the media whores are publicising the fact that these Christian hotheads are intending to burn Qurans - if there wasn't a hidden motive, they would suppress the story for fear of an Islamic backlash. They're playing a game - and using unwise and unreflective Christians for their nefarious purposes. Bastards.

Pugh said...

I wonder who gave the nutty old pastor all the publicity? A man with a beard, I'll warrant.

At least Obama understands the rules of the game the West are going to lose.

"It's not against the law in our country to burn a book, but I'm going to stop you anyway (in breach of our very Constitution) because otherwise they will kill some random thousands of people."

If we break our own laws and oppress our own citizens to appease fanatics, who really thinks there will be any infidels in 20 years time?

BTW, I usually weep when I see someone refer to the word verification in their comments, but "alizedi" surely shows god's looking at this blog...