Useful Things £430 Million Will Buy You

Following yet another incident of Cameron folding like a deck chair and assuming the position on our behalf it is important to illustrate precisely what £430 million buys you nowadays:

- 14500 band 6 nurses salaries
- 8000 specialist doctors salaries.
- 4 Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighters so that those aircraft carriers we are set to buy don't look so empty and/or ridiculous when put into service.
- 2 and a half pints of beer for every person in Britain (based on beer being £3 a pint).
- A Mastiff APVfor every 12 Uk troops stationed in Afganistan.
- 12 Boeing CH-47D Chinook Helicopters to serve in Afganistan; after all, he did say in opposition it was "a scandal" there weren't enough helicopters didn't he? Sure I remember that...
- Covering the household debt repayments on UK Government Debt for 22,787 households or, to put it another way, pay our UK sovereign debt interests for 6 hours.
- Buying a Playstation 3 console pack for the lowest earners (<£6000) in Britain.
- More than enough money to propel every member of Blair and Brown's cabinet since 1997 to the moon, preferably one way.

Anyone got any other things we could use the money for?

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Anonymous said...

Enough piano wire to... (you get the idea)- and probably some change left over as well!

2400 doormouse bridges

just under half a grounded nuclear submarine