Where Are They Going With This?

Day off today getting my car cleaned and checked over then into sunny Bradford with my little girl for a day out; one thing picked up this morning from Aunty Beeb concerning cancer rates in homosexual men being higher than their heterosexual counterparts:

Homosexual men are more likely to have had cancer than heterosexual men, as US study has suggested.

Now it easy for a Christian to be tarred with the gay-bashing brush, to gloat over the misfortune of someone with a particular lifestyle - I prefer consistency in my belief in ideological freedom and so won't be doing that; besides I think the following author's comment might provide the clue as to why:

The authors speculate that the difference in the numbers of cancer survivors could be down to the higher rate of anal cancer in homosexual men or HIV infection, which has been linked to cancer.

Jason Warriner, clinical director for HIV and sexual health at the Terrence Higgins Trust, said: "We know that HIV can cause certain types of cancer, and that gay men are at a greater risk of HIV than straight men.

"Another factor potentially having an impact is Human Papilloma Virus, which can lead to anal cancer in gay men.

"The government currently runs a national vaccination programme for young girls, but we think recent figures on oral and anal cancers justify taking another look at whether the programme should be extended to include boys."

HIV is linked to a higher incidence of a cancer known as Kaposi's Sarcoma, which, like Human Papilloma Virus, can potentially cause cancers (in both cases sarcoma, cancers of connective tissues). My contention would be this is less "gay linked" and more an aspect of a person's sexual activity; the village bike would likely die from this family of cancers than their chaste neighbour for example.

This is all contention; what I am curious about is this comment:

Jessica Harris, senior health information officer at Cancer Research UK, said: "There is already evidence of some health inequalities as a result of sexuality, for example, smoking rates are higher in homosexual men and women than in heterosexual people.

I'm sorry, are we saying that the free action of homosexual men smoking is somehow linked to me being heterosexual and a non-smoker? That my not smoking is linked to a homosexual taking up the habit?

I really don't understand this, but if the contention that somehow my not smoking causes homosexuals to smoke, or increased use of nicotine is linked to homosexuality I have to call bullcrap.

This is almost as preposterous as The Spirit Level's authors claiming my rich europeaness causes poverty of a tribal Amazonian who has never seem civilisation.


Leg-iron said...

See, it's all the fault of you nonsmokers. I have to smoke twice as much because you won't do your share. And I'm not even gay.

Which probably means some other guy has to be twice as gay because I'm not doing my share. Then again, Julian Clary offsets about fifty straight guys so he alone can soak up the excess gayness in the world.

Then there are all those tea-totallers. Do they have any idea what they're doing to my liver? If only they'd drink their fair share.

It is a ridiculous concept, isn't it? But then the whole idea of 'equality' is ridiculous.

I can't run, so should all sprinters have iron balls attached to their ankles? I can't fly a plane so should all pilots be grounded? I don't understand quantum physics so dismantle that cyclotron at once.

'Equality' is a terrible thing, a world in which everyone is equal is a dreadful nightmare. A world of plastic people, all the same size, all washing their cars on Sunday and all cutting the grass on Saturday and all going to the office to do the same job every day.

All getting the same pay which they use to buy the same things, all going to bed at the same time and getting up at the same time and none allowed to be artists or writers or academics in case the others feel left out.

That's where it's headed. Anyone different must be made to feel guilty and get into line.

Plastic Planet is just around the corner.

Tomrat said...


Indeed; I actually went to see the authors of The Spirit Level in a lecture at my last job (at a university); I couldn't believe what I was hearing when they were calling for technological advances in mobile telephony to cease as we "had advanced it enough already". Insane.

There is a character, a tramp who previously worked at the factory that John Galt started working at, in Atlas Shrugged who phrases his downfall, and that of the worlds, best: "the morality of cannibalism".

Dammit I cant wait to see what they've done to the theatrical version of that book...