Comment On Richard Murphy's Tax Clog: D'ya Think It'll Get Through??

Done in response to this piece of odourous doublethink:

No - I prefer freedom within a defined rule of law and the means to pay for it's upkeep; it matters not one jot if that is achieved by a dictatorship, democracy or theocracy, though all 3 and more besides have been found profoundly wanting.

Democracy beyond arbitrating over how best to deal with infringements on negative freedoms will also trend to tyranny and their suppression; it has become a decision between 2 wolves and a sheep as to who to eat for dinner.

And I will have no part in moralised cannibalism.

Apologies about my absenteeism - work calls, and frankly the pays better. I am still reading and seething though people.


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Maverick said...

Nope .. I tried reposting it with the question why is he banning it ?