A Simple Request

My Queen,

Your country, that you have so diligently served for 56 years, is in terrible danger.

Since coming to power Prime Minister Tony Blair has taken us into 2 wars, corroded civil liberties with acts of parliament such as the anti-terror laws and ignored your parliaments due process by enacting European Union via the vastly undemocratic system of "statutory instrument".

His successor, Gordon Brown, who has never attained a mandate to govern your people, has undermined the economic standing of your currency - Sterling, that was once the watchword for safety and security on a turbulent world stage, has been brought to near death. Billions have been wasted on so called "public spending" which has only succeeded in increasing a criminal underclass, reliant on handouts, whilst dehumanising what should be acts of kindness and grace; the welfare of the weakest in our society. Under his watch it is increasingly likely that his inaction on tough decisions such as power generation and infrastructure will lead to the lights going out by 2012, and your people left at the mercy of criminals, illness and lawlessness, all for the want of a few extra police, doctors and entrepreneurs.

Additionally much of what remains of your parliament's decision making power has been spirited away to Brussels with little or no consultation to either yourself or your people; more than 70% or all laws in Britain are now made by the EU "Colleagues", sanctioned by a compliant group of EU parliamentarians and paid for by taxpayers who have not seen true account of this money or whether it has been spent wisely (or honestly) for over a decade.

Yes, your country is in danger, and I ask you to do something.

I am a simple person with simple goals in life; I wish to live free and with as little imposition from the state as is possible, that my labours remain my own save for a modest part to be used in defence of your realm, the welfare of the weak (and not the work-shy) and to ensure that justice is not only blind, but available to all.

I believe you are capable of doing this by doing the following:

When a Prime Minister wishes to dissolve Parliament and call a general election, he or she is obliged to seek the permission of the Sovereign to do so. For this purpose, the Prime Minister usually travels to Buckingham Palace before announcing a general election. This role is widely seen as ceremonial. 

My request is simple; that you dissolve parliament under your own volition - I do not believe this role is ceremonial, only taken as so by men who see you as obsolete; I see you as the last defence against tyranny. 

I beseech you, my queen in all urgency to rid us of this rouge government before it thrusts us further into the abyss.

May the Lord our God bless you and keep you. Amen.

Your loyal subject,


Anyone with me? If so go to this website, copy this message to it and hope she will listen to reason.

UPDATE: IPJ, has commented that any message sent to the Queen will be redirected if it contains any referrence to the EU; to avoid this happening write your own letter and send it to her, sans EU-references.


Linda said...

The Queen doesn't want her cosy little world upsetting by getting down and dirty with the masses!

Tomrat said...


I heartily agree, and no doubt my message will be ignored; which is why I've started a facegroup to get as many people sending her the same message - how many of her subjects can she ignore before someone else notices?

Only one way to find out - sign up, send off and wait out!

IanPJ said...

If any letter addressed to the Queen that contains the words EU or European Union is immediately removed by political staff at the Palace and sent direct to the FCO.

The Queen unfortunately will never see it, nor will she ever even be aware of it.

Anonymous said...


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If Big Ears is going to inherit this bag of shite, best of fucking luck to him

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