Fitna'd Up

This isn't.

Nor are these.

And neither are any of these.

And if they are (clearly) incitement the police are unwilling to do anything about them for public order fears. What the hell is wrong with this country? Since when was it ok to let mob rule dictate who deserves justice and who doesn't? This law is most certainly a bad one; you cannot claim to have freedom of speech in a country which closes down all debate in such a ridiculously one sided manner; those who use the "screaming fire in the cinema" arguement know this doesn't apply here- the only reason it is dangerous in this metaphor is because you know the occupants of said "cinema" will likely burn it down in retaliation.

Jacqui Smith, having already shown how little she thinks of the electorate by stealing from it so brazenly (and if you are innocent and feel you have done nothing wrong, you odious trollop, then why so focused on hiding them?), has also shown less regard to the spirit of this once great country; yes Geert Wilders looks like he should be attending a flock-of-seagulls reunion tour, yes he may some rather unpleasant opinions on matters, but any less so than what must go on in your crazy lunatic mind? Or what is pasted on the placards of half a dozen angry young asian men when some uppity Dane starts drawing Mohammed with a bomb for a hat?

You are the problem Jacqui, you and your festering kind who have sold out our democracy, made our parliament a joke, sold of our birthright and that of all free living peoples with cowardice. I wont advocate your hanging in parliament square though; I want you to see just what you have created, I want to see you lose your job because you were caught with your hand in the till, I want to see pay back the tens of thousands you have stolen and then I want to see you, broken and lost, wander into one of the council estate hell holes you have filled to the rafters with single parents, immigrants denied dignity and feral children and ask yourself am I happy with the world I help create?

You and your ilk have a lot to answer for.

UPDATE: Old Holborn, despite our differences in the past on subjects best left alone, hits the nail on the head with this post, albeit in his usual visceral manner.

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