The Icy Road to Serfdom

Now more relevant than ever. 

If you want to see which way this country is going read this - all it will cost you is a sock full of air.

I would add one thing to this entire episode; the credit crunch was not caused by capitalism as so many on the left have claimed over the past 6 months - capitalism would first have to exist. The "one-eyed Scottish idiot" and his predecessor Messiah Blair gave the keys and cashbox over to the corporations, the quangos, the EU and faux-charities to promote the conditions that have caused all of this; it is not so much Laissez-faire capitalism as but carte blanche corporatism.

Brown rode the debt bubble to pay for every grandiose crazy NuLabour scheme they could put through on their massive majority; we are all reaping the whirlwind for it now. Be very wary for calls to regulate markets and discussions of the "failures" of capitalism; other groups have mentioned this in the past and we all remember what happened there (third paragraph).

Stop Brown now (NOTE: write your own letter to her, and dont mention the EU)

UPDATE: The IEA blog tells it like it is. Be very wary of people with vested interests telling you it is all "capitalism's" fault like it was some sort of living entity.

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