Booze Me Up, Buttercup...

To:HM Treasury
Subject: Tax on drinks

I would ask you to protect ordinary people like myself, who are already struggling with rising prices in this downturn. Also, I would ask for your support in protecting businesses in Britain, many of which may suffer unnecessarily if drink prices are raised further.

All of us are aware that there are a small minority who misuse alcohol but it is not fair if all of us are punished. I would ask you to put pressure on other Government departments to ensure that existing laws to crack down on problem drinkers are enforced. This is far better than pushing through a blanket measure that will only sting ordinary drinkers and do nothing to tackle alcohol misuse.

(*and my own personal addition*)

Additionally I want an answer to the following: by what right do you take this money? Your ministers and civil servants tell us it is "a good revenue stream" like that is a legitimate reason, but then a burgler or common pickpocket could use the exact same phrase to describe his criminal actions - what are you giving us in return for taking money and threatening us with jail if we refuse to give it to you?

I look forward to your reply. 

Thank you.

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