Champion of the Mini-Looters Makes Shock Comment "Save Some For Us!"

On my way home from work today I was listening to the Radio 4 PM programme; aside from President Ahmoud Ahminibiliniarbijhad saying that Israel was racist for "not lying down and being annihilated (I may be paraphrasing), some political correspondant telling us that MPs are worried about showing "perfectly innocent" expense claims in case they give the wrong impression (hint: if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear, you grubbing barstewards...) then came Eddie telling us that the General Secretary of Unison was warning the government "to do more for their core supporters or risk losing them" (you can hear it yourself here for the next week). Dave Prentis said on PM:

"Quite clearly the government has spent an awful lot of time bailing out the banks, bailing out rich people..and there is a massive cost involved and from our point of view the real victims are working people, the vulnerable people..."

Couldn't agree more.

"...we've got a government that appeals to big business, doesn't like imposing taxes on the rich..."

Most certainly agree - it likes gouging all of us.

"...which we think he should do - so where's he going to get the money from?"

I cannot possibly know where your going with this Dave but prey tell what you think...

"He'll get it, we think, from reducing public expenditure...at completely the wrong time."

And now here follows a not so thinly veiled threat:

"If the government isn't careful it will pay the price at the next election."

...what is most telling is the interchangability in David Prentis' mind between public sector employment and the more general threat to "workers"; Eddie never got round to really addressing this which left him to tie the 2 synonymously together - they aren't the same thing.

What is also interesting about this piece is the open threat to labour, that if they decide to go down the necessary route of cutting the public sector down to size they will face destruction at the next election. Such a threat will most certainly stop anything of real value being done; see here for reasons why.

David exemplifies the modern left - threatening, aggressive and all too familiar with power over others; he doesn't question the "requirement" for us to pour taxpayers money down the big gold plated hole that is the banking industry, only that the extent to which they are pouring the money down this hole is not being matched by a similar pouring down the public sector hole, whilst at the same time not realising that taking more money from the productive parts of the economy and giving it to the parasitical class that produces nothing is slowly killing the economy - the money has to come from somewhere, you tool, and the cupboards are empty!

As of 2006 the richest 30% of the economy pay 62% of the total tax contributions into government coffers - the middle 40% pay 32% whilst the poor pay the remainder, a meer 6%. This puts to bed his idiocy above methinks - there are only 2 travestie here in this statement in that the poorest pay anything at all, and the richest are paying for such poisonous rot as spoken by Dave here.

Darling will naturally fold - he likes his job, he think that the 25% of the populace they have bribed with non-jobs in the public sector will save him and his ilk - they wont. We need real change when it comes to taxation and our public services; let us hope for progressive changes - like these.

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