Hain: Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain

Much has been made of Hain's boycott of Question Time in light of the BBC's, for once, entirely right decision to give the BNP loons a chance to score some own goals. (has anyone asked him to appear? Or is this just hubris and conceit based on some previous appearances?) Many have commented that the reason is down to similarities in party policies, cowardice or a collective cross-party policy of ignorance in the frankly mistaken belief they will, you know, just disappear.

I have a far simpler hypothesis as hinted in the title; the BNP in all their swivel-eyed, odious angst and unrealistic buck-passing make excellent copy in the papers whilst truly important, highly destructive policies Which if not putting lives at risk by the thousands are putting our children and grandchildren into perpetual penury by those politicians in power, despite their "progressive" viewpoint, and all for the feckless face-saving of todays politicians.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain; have a look at that guy over there who says he hates brown people.

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