Zero Base Policy: A Cautionary Tale

Finished reading Zero Base Policy, the new tome by Madsen Pirie of the Adam Smith Institute, 2 days ago and I can highly recommend it; there are sections, such as that on healthcare which go nowhere near far enough, but you get the impression that this is more a love letter to David Cameron and his incoming Bory government; Lord knows there is probably little doubt they will get in and that their gaping policy void will need to be filled; Dr Pirie is trying to make sure it's his and not the EU's vision for our future which wins out, as laughable a probability as that is.

While sitting contemplating the text I got into thinking that the most important point of the text is the rationale for his policy formulation, "zero base policy"; that rather than try to polish, cut and shape the turd that is the current government machine we should just start from scratch with a view as to what we want a particular arm of government to achieve.

Given enough time it should be possible to achieve this without having usher in a political revolution that no democratic mandate would ever allow, especially when a mere fraction of the population vote you in; you can just whittle down the rules and laws you dont like, such as those giving you (some) right to self-determination, to a presumption of innocence till proven guilty by a court of your peers and the belief that taxation should serve a function of government, not the swivel -eyed, moral diarrhoea of a few select morons and their bribe-endorsed clientelle, and add a few that alter justice and the law at it's core, a salami slice at a time.

And then I remembered that Labour had had 10+ years, with 3 electorial mandates born of mix of apathy, stupidity and a belief that the never never would not stop, until the crunch proves otherwise.

Funny that.

Reader, don't believe for a minute that Cambo will change a thing; it is in his interests not to piss off his paymasters in the EU; no majority or popular mandate on earth will stop the rot taking hold; it'll just mean the elephant in the room is covered over with a blue-ish cover instead of a red one, Hannan and Carswell apologising all the way in their pleasing Hugh Grant kind of way for the readers of the Telegraph will enjoy.

Here are my predictions in this light: The Borys, despite having no real policies, just a shiny-headed freak who's entire ambition is to drive the big red bus (despite the breaks being cut and a cliff fast approaching) will sweep to victory, Brown having accepted reality and becoming a fully fledged basket case, having finally seen the illusion come tumbling down, will drag Labour disappearing into debt ridden destitution, it's party leaders rightfully nailed to the wall (except for Mandelson, who's only job having been to keep the Zanu NuLabour train ticking over till the Lisbon Treaty is ratified).

Ireland vote no in October and are bled for their crimes against the progressive righteous, before being asked again, cos we didn't hear you properly last time.

Longer term we have yet another freezing bloody winter and world temperatures drop over the subsequent decade; somehow everyone is still convinced we are all going to burn to death while thousands die from cold weather, war and entirely missing the point; that all the AGW debate has been is the latest socialist death-cult, hellbent on "population control".

And you will vote for the other guy once the Borys collapse into scandal- never realising that perhaps the person you should put your trust in is you.

And when it comes to that think LPUK, and hope it is no longer illegal to say you are your own keeper and not your brothers.

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