A New Year

It is tennish and barring my sleeping 6 month old daughter I am all alone; my wife is currently being bandied around a hospital ward, hungry and in a great deal of pain with an abscess and I've been up since 5.30 with my daughter; barring one small visit from Sis at midnight to split a bottle of Cava I'm going to bed.

But first as is the custom to reflect on the year and to resolve to do things differently I will outline my hopes and dreams for the tennies (or whatever the snappy martketing guy who coins such terms for decadel shifts calls it).

This year has been a medley of contradictions; I have moved to a job I thought was more secure and a step up only for it to be ripped from under me by circumstance, I have become a father and embarked on the most extraordinarily fantastic and expensive adventure mankind has ever endured with no job, no immeadiate prospects and little money, and more extraordinary still I have not wanted for anything throughout this holiday season, either for myself or for my family proper; barring my wife's illness it has been brilliant and blessed.

My hopes for 2010 are thus tied with my own aspirations for a better life for me and my family and my resolutions; first I want, even if it kills me trying, to get debt free- mortgage and student loans notwithstanding; I am fed up of the monkeys on my back and the privelege of paying for them.

Second I would like to find what it is I am supposed to be doing with my life and then cling on to it with all my effort; heck, I'd take a silver medal on completing this goal if only to know how to reach gold next year.

Third, and as I've said these are all selfish, personal items, that more people know what it is to be a libertarian; the most veils-fall-from-eyes of the last decade has been to be able to put a name to my ideas and observations of the ills of this world (of which, and I am trying not to sound too fauwning, a big part of which comes down to my discovery of blogging and in particular The Devils Kitchen; I know I am not alone in this). I will endevour to put the message out as clear as I am able and challenge inaccuracies and deliberately flippant and disengenuous misrepresentations.

Fourth is linked to my third resolution to write at least one new fair use of words posts each week and cite the weekly examples of this; perhaps the most powerful, certainly the most insidious, actions of the collectivist is the misuse and abuse of language to warp the meaning of words, and ultimately the thoughts of those stuck with them; it is here that the battle over freedom will be won or lost.

Lastly to coin a new law on the use of comparatives: Godwin's law for the Nazi's has served quite well in dissuading the swivel eyed loons and trolls on the web for decades.

Hence Tomrat's Law will apply with another oft abused zeitgeist; George Orwell's 1984. The fight for our language is a good and necessary thing; referring to every little infringement on our privacy as being like "something out of 1984" belittles what Orwell was really trying to say, and lowers the tone of debate to that of the Daily Fail.

That said I wish you all a unconditional happy new and prosperous new year.

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Captain Ranty said...

Those are all noble pursuits Mr Tomrat.

I wish you every success with your endeavours and I hope your good lady returns swiftly to health, and to her family.

Where there is a will, there is always a way.

Viel geluk!!