Quote of the Day

'I did buy a new Alfa Romeo recently, but we needed it because the BMW was old.'

Family on £23,000 worth of tax free benefits from this article. (H/T to the ever brilliant Leg-Iron)

To be earning that kind of money in the real world after taxes one of them would have to be earning at least £33,000 or both would need to earn £16,000, though to pay for childcare at ~£600/month you'd need £40,000 from one or £19,000 each.

People are getting tired of paying for peoples inability to keep their legs closed, or at the very least wear a condom.*

*more to follow...


Anonymous said...

The government is putting out opposing narratives. The one calls for population reduction and the other pays people to have more kids.

Perhaps they just want to breed more stupid people who vote Labour, while the rest of us die out (or more likely, emigrate).

Tomrat said...

I now to Bella Gerens superior points on the subject of animosity towards the great unwashed who use the system like this; we shouldn't be angry at person B who is merely being offered a way to relieve person A of their hard earned cash by a third, person C, but it is hard and when I see such blasé, shameless creaming of state benefits (* as above) it does make me angry.

I very much believe that everything has value and should be traded as such; how much have many of us traded our dignity for? That's the real deficit.

Trofim said...

And what's worse, is that they're not Somalians. At least Somalian sproggs will go on to enrich our society. :-)