Rome Burning Hasn't Deterred A Dozen Neros

Listening to five live at work I hear about this story.

Seriously is there nothing better for these idiots to do?

I'm all for not attaching prisoners to the ceiling by their testicles, starving them on mouldy bread and not killing them on spurious evidence, but providing them with a right they have in many cases denied others is just silly.

Let's break this down a bit:

1. A right to something is different from a freedom from something; something as fundamental as your freedom to elect individuals to administer a particular socialised problem, so the language used by this reform group and the ECHR is wrong, illustrating their authoritarian mindset.


2. Their is a core set of freedoms noone should infringe upon; failing that and someone is disenfranchised at the hands of another, that persons freedoms are forfeit.

These prisoners have forfeited their freedoms as a result of their criminals actions as per the law as it exists now; if there is a perceived disenfranchisement of prisoners in not allowing them to vote then it should lie at what NuLabour have deemed to be a crime rather than what is a crime.

And considering they've churned out one law per day since coming to power this is probably the case.

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