This Is How We Start The Fight Back

Via EU Referendum comes this piece regarding a Pajamas media piece on the WWF, an organisation with a goal so amorphous and pliable it no longer even knows what it's acronym truly stands for anymore, and how it's huge government funding has enabled it to perpetuate the global warming hysteria along whole new memetic lines, Dr North and others themselves observing how even their more hysterical rants have gone on to become citeable sources in the IPCC fourth report (google glaciergate to see examples of this and more).

What is interesting is how both pieces now term the WWF as a para-governmental organisation (PGO) rather than the more benign non-governmental organisation (NGO) they like to describe themselves as.

This highlights perhaps the biggest problem with society today and why freedom is no longer considered as an alternative; the agents and organisations responsible for charity and looking after your fellow man have been corrupted wholesale.

If LPUK want to stand as any credible alterntive this is one sure fire way of setting themselves apart from the rest: A commitment to the abolition of the PGO: no charitable body should receive any taxpayer money unless it's from the taxpayers own hand voluntarily. This would fix what is by far one of the most fundamental problems with society today - who can trust charitable organisations when the majority are hapier to dip their hand in government pockets whilst their fleecing yours?

This seems to be way LPUK is going; of everyone I've spoken to no one wants government funded charities to continue; fearless leader even set up a site to highlight the worse culprits, likely first against the wall.

I've argued that frequently the weapons adopted by the collectivists is their reframing of the arguement and, perhaps more insidiously, the language and meaning of words that enter the mainstream; from now on I'm using the PGO phrase when dealing with these quasi-state agencies from now on- the battle will be fought and won on taking back ownership of our language.

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Uncle Marvo said...

I /don't believe that taxpayers money funds any sporting federation, let alone wrestling.