A Correction. Squared.

The BBC is doing what it does best with it's politico hat on; acting as the unquestioning mouthpiece of government and roundly abusing the english language.

The toughest package of tax increases and spending cuts in a generation is expected to be unveiled by Chancellor George Osborne in his first Budget.

But this really takes the biscuit:

The chancellor must find £3.5bn to pay for the giveaway - which will be clawed back from top rate taxpayers - and Labour are likely to argue it is irresponsible in the current climate.


If you are extorting less from the tax payer it is not a giveaway, more a takeaway-less.

And the fact that they are actually just taking the difference from those who's efforts and skill you feel duty bound to punish means it's not even a takeaway-less, it's just a punish-the-rich-who-can't-afford-tax-accountants ploy. But then it must be ok because it's a Bory, definately not a blue-socialist.

You'll notice the only groups where there is not an express, defined change taking place in the budget? That's right - the public sector or the EUmpire.

We need to start taking the intelligentsia to task on these simple meaning-inversions; not doing so is the path to New Speak.

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