What Could Happen If you Dont Do Have a Blockade

What could get through without the Gazan blockade:

On May 21, 2003 Israeli naval commandos intercepted a fishing boat, the Abu Hasan, sailing from Lebanon to Egypt carrying a Hizbullah explosives expert bound for Gaza. Also seized were CD disks with instructions on how to assemble bomb belts for suicide bombers, a radio-activation system for remote-control bombs and 25 detonators for Kassam rockets.

This new incident is hardly free of suspicion and were it the "aid workers" entirely innocent I doubt they would attack IDF soldiers with iron bars as they tried to board...

I will admit that I have a prediliction for supporting Israel (though I am against the UK state-coerced exotrtion to support both Israel and palestinian Arabs just as I am against "development spending" in all it's mission-creep glory); I have a childhood friend who was serving in the ambulance service only to be called to work in the IDF's "legal corps" (he's a trained lawyer); his abilities at justifying Israel's actions to the swivel eyed lunatics seemed more valuable than saving the lives of Israeli and Arab civilians (who are mainly on the receiving end of this violence from terrorists).

Stop taking the piss, the both of you.

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