How A Bag Of Crisps Tells Us Everything You Need To Know About The Election

I saw a strange and terrifying thing this evening.

I arrived early to find one of our youth group eating a bag of crisps with Gordon Brown on the front on it.

My initial thought was that he had finally declared himself supreme leader for life and pasted his face on "the peoples crisps", having nationalised the snack industry as his first act.

When our youth group member told me it was actually a marketing ploy from a crisp manufacturer and that they had other packets featuring Smeg and Cambo and were trying to poll the electorate through the medium of lightly salted snacks. They happened to have been given a pack of each:

All the packs while different colours were only ready salted, presumably to not skew a person's taste in politician against a person's taste in potatoe snack.

But really hasn't this promotion ultimately summed up what is wrong with our political system? That whilst the packaging may be different the snack is still the same old tasteless salted snack, and as a result of this being the only thing on offer we are less healthy as a result.

vote the same, get the same....

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