Right People, Ideas...

Dec - Feb was a busy time for me; I spent much of it filling put the mother of all application forms for a position as a clinical science post; I dwelled on each question, delved deep into my qualifications and concentrated genius into my answers.

Today, after 3 painfully long months I found out that my dream job will remain there - in my dreams.

I'm gutted; worse I feel as adrift as I did when I lost my job the day after my daughter was born.

What the hell do I do with myself now? Ideas people- a few I've put in the "maybe" pile:

- Exotic dancer for a high-end gentlemans club.
- Wizard.
- the new Captain Birdseye.
- chew-toy for mythological Cerberus.

If anyone has any more credible suggestions for a 28 year old father of one, with a master degree in chemistry, 16 months of a PhD under his belt and more years of admin experience, project coordination and technical support in areas as diverse as the NHS, petrochem or healthcare industries (to name but a few). Then I welcome all suggestions.

For now I'm going to sulk - teenager-styles, maybe putting on some grunge and eat a whole cake to myself. Or something.

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