If Any Comments About Democracy Remain In Your Head Long Enough...

...let them be these (emphasis mine):

"I think people have to realise that the people have spoken, this is a democratic vote and everyone has to go along with that, whether its us, our opponents or people on the streets, and if there are a few crazies or thugs on the streets I'm sure the police will deal with them quite quickly."

"The more people in the media talk this up as an issue, the more silly kids on the streets will be inclined to take the law into their hands." - Nick Griffin

Taking the law into your own hands is an interesting concept because the big joke about democracy is that that is what you do once every 5 years; you laughably vote to have a party elected to make laws based on roughly what you want (or, as is the case in my district, what your father and grandfather wanted).

The reality is, however, that a deeper set of laws exists - these natural laws at their core are a simple phrase: "freedom from..."

Freedom from enslavement.

Freedom from theft.

Freedom from assault.

The only caveat being that we have the responsibility to fund, uphold and arbitrate over infringements against these freedoms.

And it is this, solely this, that having been turned on it's head that has led to our current impasse; that a man is his brothers keeper and your property is not your own.

Democracy is 2 wolves and a sheep deciding who's for dinner; have nothing to do with it other than to let them know you do not accept their authority. Unless you've got a libertarian candidate who cares about his freedoms as much as yours spoil your ballot; it is the only way you'll get real change.

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