I'm going to try a little meme experiment using Twitter.

Via the TPA's Mark Wallace over at the Devil's Knife I see that the Lisbon treaty is being put to Parliament again; the cynic in me thinks this is an attempt to assert authority over the new boss (whoever that may be) but doesn't this give us a unique chance to hold Cameron to his word on giving us a referendum?

So here is my offer Mr Cameron; I was going to spoil my ballot but if you can show me you are a man of you word and see fit to give me the chance to say yes or no to the EU's latest and last incursion into my country (for with the self-amending nature of this treaty they need never ask again) you can have my vote; I will overlook the soft-corporatism and actually put my X in your box (*cues seedy wah guitar and jazz drums*).

If you feel as I do retweet, link to this blog or just shout down the phone at your local Tory PPC that they can whistle for your vote unless they promise to champion this; I will be doing likewise today.

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