So What Now?

So Brown has buggered up iDave's plans somewhat; he gets a few months more in power for whatever passes as reason in his mad head and we get to pay for all this farce for a few more months.

To me the entire election has been a farce; yet again democracy reveals itself as a cruel joke in which a few unpopular bit players call the tune, the tune being they want to enhance the mobs rule over the individual (or as Guido has recently put it, perpetual representation).

I started this piece with a brief prediction for this parliament in light of Browns resignation as Labour leader (but, importantly, not as the PM), it seems that others have beaten me to the same conclusions.

In particular Leg-iron's comment here is most interesting:

The best part is, the Tories will be apoplectic. Cameron will be relegated to tea boy with Osborne as assistant tea boy and the party might even cotton on to the idea of actually listening to the electorate for a change. By the time another election rolls up, they might even be willing to mention the EU and the smoking ban and many other things that wrecked their vote this time. Instead of working out compromises with other parties, they might even realise that actually asking people what they want from government might be a good idea. That would be a novelty.

When I awoke on the 7th May to find the Bory's had not secured the majority they needed I was not surprised; I did think it strange that no one had thought to wrap the heads of the innumerable talking political-nodding dogs in tinfoil, place them between magnets and use the spinning to generate enough electricity to solve any energy crisis for the next decade. The majority of Bory voters have enough pride and intelligence about them to know when they are being lied to and their bullshitometer must've been ringing off the scale since Cameron came to lead; enough jumped ship.

It wasn't UKIP that spoiled your victory, Tories. It was you. Unless you can accept that and analyse truthfully the reasons it happened, you are going to do it again. Look up 'personal responsibility' in the dusty old Tory handbooks.

This is the reality folks; in courting the beardy-weirdies, the provincial queens and the great unwashed Cambo caused a sharp intake of breath in his blue-blood core vote, turning it purple; combined with the bile in the collective neck of the nation you get yellow- hence UKIP.

It's amazing, and depressing at the same time, how the entire political spectrum can be reduced to a discussion revolving around secondary colours and how the primary mix to create them.

Don't believe me on how UKIP decided this election? Read Dr. North's research here; they could have secured victory, and then some, by simply giving their core voters what they wanted - the right to be asked about the important stuff like handing yet more power over to EU through Lisbon, whether Scotland should be kicked into touch and forced to raise it own taxes to pay for it's policies, rather than lynche the south englanders for it or to have a say in what is a public good, but should jot necessarily remain a public service.

Instead we have limbo, and as a conscientious objector to the entire big 3 I could not be better services; my spoilt vote has been proven by the indecision of an electorate who have no clue why is necessary or right anymore; in short we get the government we deserve

In fact, the parties have been dealt an unplayable hand. The Tories can only acquire a majority by working the Lib-dims – which was never going to be successful – while Labour and the Lib-dims together cannot raise a working majority. For those of us who wanted to express their utter contempt for the political system, we could not have had a better outcome.

There are some painful months ahead for all of us, but this is the sociopatholigist end-game; their political system of robbing peter, keith and Paul to pay for Dwaynetta and her extended progeny by 10 different fathers and every minority group imaginable has now been tested to destruction; let's just hope Clog signs up for it and we may come out freer, older and wiser from this as a nation.

UPDATE: So it appears Clegg has seen what's coming and seen his destruction and that of the socialist ideology.

My guess is that Clegg realising the markets would call time on the LibLab "progressive" coalition, his hopes for a chance at voting reform going down along with any hopes of a legacy. Whether or not the beardy wierdies in his party stop the coalition government won't matter- Cambo's got a year to 18 months max before the coalition crumbles, hopefully leading to a real conservative government being put forward.

In the interim if Cambo does one thing only he should do the following; make sure he gets a devolved English parliament with any deal on electoral reform; the progressive consensus will falter and consign Labour to the dustbin of history, and bring Scotland out of it's maddening rush for the gutter.

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