Is Unite Calling For Spending Cuts?

Via the Daily Fail it seems I'm not alone in my dislike, nay hatred, in the profligate nipple-twisting going on with fuel prices and VAT:

It also emerged that thousands of militant tanker drivers are plotting a national strike which could bring the country to a standstill.
The strike, co-ordinated by the giant Unite union which bankrolls Labour, could begin as early as next month.

Now let's set aside the obvious tribalist snipe by t'Fail to get anger raised at genuinely hard-pressed people who's haulage businesses, in no small part responsible for much of our prosperity and riches in this country, are getting all uppity about being further ripped off by fuel taxes, no; lets look at it this way.

The money to pay for the blackhole in the public coffers has to come from somewhere; am I to take it from the sentiments expressed by Unite this should come from reductions in public spending?

Cos if so sign me up right now.

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Fat Jack said...

No, they are calling for taxes on companies and rich people.