Words Fail Me

Pint of best love & a spritzer for the wife- that? Nothing to concern you prole.

The three ‘professional witnesses’, two men and a woman, were hired from a private surveillance company to play the fake drunks.

The trio worked for nine nights from 8pm to 3am over three weekends, costing a total of £4,200, Roly Schwarz, the community safety enforcement manager for Conwy and Denbighshire, confirmed last night.

Their ‘tactics’ to maintain their cover included ‘telling person serving them they were drunk’, ‘slurred speech’, ‘being dressed in dishevelled and stained clothing’ and ‘falling over’, the report says.

They might not be able to empty our bins for weeks on end or ensures roads are gritted, but thank God the councils are saving us from ourselves.


Anonymous said...

Dear Tomrat

The law states that it is an offence to serve someone alcoholic beverages who is drunk.

If someone pretending to be drunk is served then surely no offence is committed.

Just askin', is all.


Tomrat said...


2 things immediately spring to mind:

1. Isn't this entrapment? Probably why no arrests made as CPS would throw it out.

2. Looking at the act and beyond I can see no legal definition of "drunk" - so how do you measure it? and if it is a relatively elastic term how can you positively make law against it when it doesn't have an arbitrary value?