A Moment Of Madness

This is the most bizarre thing you'll ever hear from me on this site but I put a lot of thought of beer into me last night which started all sorts of wierd ideas in my head so hear me out.

I hope Labour win again.

Hear me out at the back there- my logic us sound:

Firstly I truly don't believe Brown thinks he will win; he is fighting this on the basis of a NuLaborious rout, fighting off attempts at his leadership from Bert and Ernie, Harpie Harman and Ed Balls (unless he gets his own "Portillo Moment")- this will be his primary objective on the 7th May; having proven his core old Laborious credentials merely solidifies himself in with the party faithful.

His longer term strategy seems to be based on creating a scorched earth that will be blamed on the Bory's, particularly when it comes to stopping the IMF and creditors taking everything that isn't bolted down; with nearly a quarter of the population on the public payroll (it is not coincidental that that is roughly the same proportion of borrowing Labour are doing on our childrens credit cards) it won't matter who is at fault for the overspend - it will always be blamed on who pulls the trigger.

All this supposed "recovery", 0.2% or whatever it was, which was given to the media with much fanfare bears all the hallmarks of a dead cat bounce; the economy stops declining briefly or maybe improves marginally with all the additional funny money pumped into it (and which, as I've pointed out before, has improved bugger all). The reality is that this money was little more than a guarantee that the entire facade wouldn't come crashing down on his watch, keeping things going till the Bory's can take the fall, all the while being portrayed as a hero for keeping things going so long as he did, before infighting and the Bory's ruined everything.

Keeping Brown is the least worst option; as Guido has pointed out the most important lasting legacy he has is that he has tested socialism to destruction; unlike Blair who was patently corporatist and got away leaving that model almost completely off the hook if Brown were to stay in post he could bring both ideologies down; letting him off the hook early merely enforces the lie and plants it into another generation- another term of Labour will not lead to a polite and well-mannered withdrawal to the core voting areas for the union faithful; it'll lead to their forced ejection by an impoverished people in the deepest recession they have ever known, unable to afford food or power to heat their homes in winter, we will experience proper solidarity amongst the workers, namely in lining up the new Labour cabinet against a wall with a bullet for each, their backbench, peers and commission-plants being ejected from Britain- via the white cliffs of Dover.

With a majority or minority it doesn't matter; giving Brown the reigns will have the same result either way- he will be the one forced to pull the trigger and no amount of bleating from his talking heads will matter.

As I've said many times before I will not be buying into the charade and will be putting my vote against all the candidates boxes this year - but for those wo still want to vote elsewhere than Labour consider this; your still getting the same flavoured lightly salted snack either bag you go for.


Obnoxio The Clown said...

We've all been there.

Barman said...

I've been saying for ages that I'd like Labour to win again - for the reasons you outline!

I think it would be a short, sharp destruction of Labour - just a year or so...

I can't stand the thought of Brown losing and then blaming the financial disaster that follows on the Tories - only to bounce back into power again in five...

One thing you can credit Labour with (IMHO) is being good in opposition - the Tories are rubbish.