What Happens If They Fail?

Thousands of children have taken GCSE-style exams which teach them how to claim unemployment benefit.
Its material states: ‘Find out what benefits you are entitled to if you are unemployed’. It also teaches how to ‘obtain information’ from ‘using the telephone’, the ‘internet’ or ‘newspapers/magazines’, and even how to ‘host a tea party’.
Another course, the level 2 Certificate in Preparation for Working Life, was taken by 29,689 pupils and is worth half a GCSE. It includes a compulsory section on ‘hazard identification at home, on the roads and at work’, which involves a required understanding of ‘self-concept’.

Unlikely I know; if you are really struggling at 15/16 with the concept of oncoming traffic, faulty sparking electrical wires & whether or not bleach is a decent mixer for Red Bull then I'm sure you would likely be on the receiving end of another award entirely.

God help us all.

There's a phrase that comes to mind the TV series The Wire: "duking the stats"; never has there been more brazen efforts to do just this than British Education.

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