I've Got An Alternative Suggestion

A couple who disguised their £500,000 home as a hay barn yesterday lost a four-year legal battle to save it.
They tried to outwit council planners by disguising their house as a windowless barn and surrounding it with farmyard machinery.
The saga began in 2001, after Mr Beesley was granted planning permission from Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council for a building to be used as a barn on green belt off the M25

He claims that he had no intention to live there, but changed his mind after a spate of burglaries in the area. So he altered plans to relocate the large barn door and built extra doors and lighting, which were never approved by the council.

He and his 37-year-old wife moved into the house in August 2002 – without planning permission.

In 2007, the couple applied for a certificate of lawfulness, which would allow them to remain in the barn legally after four years.

So a couple buy a plot of land and build a home on it, in a land in which house prices are going through the roof and are sustained by monopolies in planning permission, where many people considered themselves to live in an "over-populated" land despite the total UK land developed being 10% with housing taking up less than 2%.

And for their trespasses they are being evicted, their child being made homeless and their beautiful home destroyed.

No doubt there will be attacks from both left & right: the horror that someone would try to get on the property ownership ladder and ignore the governments every attempt to prevent all but the very rich and the governments favoured clientele doing this goes the cry of the Watermelon left; the nerve of building your own mansion-like home for half a mil when you could buy our crappy 2-up, 2-down in crime-ridden commuterville for the same price pops the colonel blimps of the Tory right.

I say sod them all; stay put in your house mate and let them drag you and your family kicking and screaming from it; salt the earth all around and make sure nothing grows there again ever.

You do not owe your allegiance to a state that will happily throw you off your own land because it doesn't fit into their neat little pigeon holes.

And before anyone engages in flippantly raising straw-men all over the place about allowing polluters to strip the green belt clean and destroy this answer this; has anyone pointed out that this is what he has indeed been doing? Has his presence somehow led to the greenbelt becoming less green? Is he hurting anyone or disposing of his rubbish on public land? Are these the issues he is being evicted over? No - he is being thrown out because he took his life in his hands and risked 100s of thousands of his own money to build his dream home and dared his local jobsworths to tell him he couldn't.

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William said...

Well said that man!
Fcuk em!