You Got It All Wrong Mr. Martin..

This is a good thing:

MPs broke up yesterday for the start of a series of holidays that will see them in Parliament for just 17 days over the next two months.

As part of what is being dubbed the Great Westminster Shutdown, they will not return from their Easter break until Tuesday, April 26.

Even then they will only be in the Commons for three days before they get time off for the royal wedding.

When they return to work on May 3, they will only be sitting for three weeks before they have another fortnight off for Whitsuntide.

Taking into account the Fridays they are away as a matter of course, it means that in the two months from now until June 7, MPs will only sit in the Commons for 17 days.

I might run an experiment from now to June 7 and monitor the effect on the FTSE and the non-appearance of our MPs; would it be wrong to posit a theory that their absence is matched by the market doing better? We will see.

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