Fill Yer Boots #2

Cameron answers our questions? Gonna be thinking long and hard about this one.

Still there are lot of things I'd like to see him try to worm his way out of.


Have given my question in for your consideration, using my twitter username, tjerubbaal, if you like it vote for it.

Some brilliant gems so far:

"How will Britain increase the value of exports over imports after the economic downturn?"
Um I have a very complicated answer to this but will just ask it as a 5 year-old would: "if what we get from other countries is worth more than we give to them that means we win right?"

"hello my name is teoni my question is why is pollution in the air"
Not really worth an answer is it? Euroslime Dave is a politician, not an environment scientist.

"Are you a member of the global elitist Builderburg group and what are your views on the new word order"
Please change the f*****g record; our political masters are all Oxbridge multi-millionaires and couldn't find their arse with both hands - what makes you think these shadowy types are any better at keeping the conspiracies secret and successful?

Personally though I am loving this question:
"Where is your chin, and are you the nexr doctor after Matt Smith?"

Got my vote

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