Sexism Sells Cheaper Car Insurance

European judges are expected to pass an equality ruling tomorrow that could cost British taxpayers almost £1billion.

They are poised to make it illegal to assess insurance premiums and pension payouts on the basis of a policyholder’s sex.
Female drivers under 26 would be the big losers, with some seeing premiums rise by 25 per cent at renewal. The premiums paid by young men will fall by around 10 per cent.

Pretty easy to understand why young men folk are becoming less gentile towards the fairer sex; it's court mandated.

Women, you have sought wholesale to put professional feministas on pedestals to speak for you; you didn't honestly think there would be no price did you?


Anonymous said...

So prices soar for women - do you really think the price will drop for men? I doubt it. It will mean than some women start driving without insurance like some young men undoubtedly do. Can you blame them when the insurance costs 3 times the cost of the car? Women are statistically safer drivers than men - I bet my insurance is cheaper than yours! Gender is taken into account as part of risk assessment. How dumb to use sexism to try and avoid that. Insurance for young people needs to be cheaper to ensure they actually have it.

Tomrat said...


More likely the price will be mitigated against other things: inflation, insurance taxes (for they exist which is quite repugnant no?) and higher costs elsewhere.

Prices are a signal to model behaviour; you are right in saying this will lead to greater problems manifesting elsewhere - more likely the problem will not be associated with the cause :-(