No Mr. Raab; MP's Are Out Of Control - Ours.

European judges have turned Britain into a ‘safe haven’ for foreign terrorists, the independent reviewer of anti-terror laws warned yesterday.
Lord Carlile said rulings by the European Court of Human Rights had undermined efforts to deport dangerous individuals intent on causing mayhem.
Last night Dominic Raab, Tory MP for Esher and Walton, said European judges’ law making was ‘out of control’.
He added: ‘It is not the job of an international court to re-write British laws on deportation, parental discipline or prisoner voting. It is high time we drew a line in the sand.’

But it is their job; the Westminster clique abandoned it's primary function - to make and amend law as the need arose - to technocrats, QUANGOs and the EU; the result has been empowerment of the unelected chattering classes, the professional lawyer and the politician who chooses soundbites over substance and the resultant levels of debt, public service stagnation in all but price and crony capitalist bailouts.

You've had well over thirty years to reverse these decisions at any point; an amendment tabled to the 1972 European Communities Act and democratic judicial reform at the UK level would make most judges think long and hard before making an unpopular decision like votes for rapists or pool tables for murderers.

So no more Mr. Raab, you did this by not challenging the status quo; you forget where power comes from - us.


Richard Tebboth said...

A little unfair to blame the good DR; he has only just become an MP. He is making a start on changing the situation.

I do agree that we do need a proper debate on our relationship with the EU to precede a referendum - as cleary promised by all three major parties in recent history.

A Bill is in train:-

Also 'In line with the commitments in the Programme for Government published in May 2010, e-petitions that receive 100,000 signatures or more will be eligible for debate in Parliament. '

Tomrat said...


Then I shall give him the benefit of the doubt - for now; suffice to say my point is that the elite haven't challenged this, and as they are a product of the electorates abrogation of responsibility then, in truth, we are the ones responsible.

One reason why I spoil my ballot I guess; won't be complacent in the lie anymore.

Richard Tebboth said...

Here is another relevant link


Tomrat said...

Read that a few days ago - sounds like a clever way of creating an EU slush fund for White elephants like this.

There is no heroism in the cabinet, only venal politicking at it's cleverest.