The Climates' they are a'changin

Via Watts up with that (h/t to Dr North at EU Referendum which is reaching a worthy peak in it's campaign) comes this notable comments from the WUWT blog:

I write this from the middle of the eastern China coastal Plain where particulate air pollution is out of control, water pollution is out of control, solid waste management is out of control, industrial conversion of Ag land is out of control, all of which is reduced to side show by fixation on the trivial warming effects of a trace gas.

The legitimate causes of pollution control and conservation have been hijacked by a scientific freak show, demanding that the entire world fiddle while substantial portions of the planet burn. Those forces (political and industrial) that have no interest in addressing reality will happily spar forever in the fantasy shadow game of carbon control.

Forget the trillions wasted on chasing carbon targets over the years this is the real costs; misdirected anger allowing countries to pollute while everyone runs in fear of a fake problem, charities becoming over paid lobby groups for more money to lobby govt. for more action to in turn lobby govt. more, and our children indoctrinated to hunt their parents and other thought criminals.

All whilst bilge tanks on CO2-offset transports empty, ruining Eco-systems, corporations dump toxic waste off the coast of Somalia ruining any trade other than piracy and millions of tons of nitrate fertiliser are dumped on land irresponsibly, to end up polluting water supplies and killing the fish stocks and Eco-systems here (ironically, the BBC ran a piece on just this happening to the Amazon, blaming it on acidification caused by CO2).

This is the lasting damage; whatever minor effect CO2 is having on the planet is vastly overwhelmed by the effects of more obvious pollution the almighty church of Gorethalism does not recognise as a sin against nature.

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