Don't Panic! And for the Love of God Don't Riot!

This should get the blood pressure up - a mere morsel of things both long lasting and short stinging that we have endured as a nation under the present shower that occupy Parliament.

But remember - don't riot; once Labour are kicked out they will have crushing party debts levelling every senior party member, hopefully crushing them underfoot.

Then, whoever occupies your constituency seat you write to them like crazy and demand they repeal the Civil Contingencies act.

Then you riot.

(h/t to Leg-iron)

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Furor Teutonicus said...

But you won't. Because the Brits think a general election makes everything just fine and dandy again. Like V.E and V.J day rolled into one.

It will take them four years to realise the new lot are just as shite as the old lot.

Then you get the "rose tinted specs" brigade. "Oh well maybe Gordon "capt'n Queeg thje unelected" Brown was not THAT bad after all".

THATS if he DOES loose the election. I am not putting any bets on him doing so.